This site is intended to be a collection for all you need to know about Galileo, Galileo 2, and Edison.

Much of the content of this site has been posted on the Intel Community forum. If you have not signed up for an account there, you should. It is free and full of good information. Plus, they are good at answering any questions you might have.

Some of the content has come from other people. Sites like Sergey's blog. So far no one has collected it all in one space. This is my attempt to do so. Some day I hope to make much of this content into videos, but video editing is not something I am familiar with.

If you have not bought a Galileo yet, I suggest you read the Before You Buy page. You should not buy anything without knowing it's strengths and weaknesses. I have tried to describe the strengths and weaknesses as best as I can, so you can decide if Galileo will work for your project before you buy it.